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Experience on dydoes... Re-pierce Apadravya

Postby azbtmguy » Tue May 30, 2017 7:14 pm

So I went into the piercing shop to get my dydoes done. I was gonna do a double and the piercer didn't want to do it cuz he hasn't had any experience with them which I appreciate. I didn't wanna be his guinea pig on that area. Anyways he also said that they tend to be pretty painful especially during sex. Anyone who's had them have any negatives to having them done?? Part of me is just considering redoing my apadravya instead but curious on other persons experience as well as a piercers opinion as well.

He did recommend me to come back and see one of the girls who does genital piercings more often. I'm a frequent customer of this store and very comfortable with them and respect their input but just want some reassurance.
Thanks in advance!
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azbtmguy Want to re-pierce my Apadravya but undecided still.. help...
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Postby Jwiggles » Wed May 31, 2017 7:48 pm

There are more than a few guys here that have Dydoe piercings and hopefully they will see this and respond. I would think that as long as the jewelry isn't overly long, once healed, they shouldn't be any more painful than any other piercing.

I have heard that they can tend to migrate, and if your crown isn't pronounced enough they can be troublesome, but as I said, I know there are some gentlemen here that have them done.

Life is short; enjoy your pain.
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Jwiggles Working on my Bachelor's Capstone class (and working full time). I do check in but am extremely busy, please be patient with me.
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Postby » Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:55 am

I'd love to know your experience, azbtmguy. I think dydoes are hot.
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Postby jacobsladder88 » Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:00 pm

I have 4 dydoes, had them for about a year. Absolutely love them. I had them done by a very experienced piercer. Discussed it with piercer, and was told that I had a good crown for them. I have had no migration at this time. Had slightly longer bars for the initial piercing, but with guidance of my piercer, switched the bars for shorter fairly quickly. Have had no issues. They were painful getting( no worse than an apadravya), but now I found them very pleasurable.
Just got my PA converted to apadravya to finish out my magic cross.
I recommend talking to an experienced genital piercers for advice.
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Postby attackmanz » Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:16 am

So unfortunately I am one of the guys that has been having a negative experience with my dydoes. I happened upon your question because I am actually retiring mine today and wanted to see if I was the only one having issues. I have a pair and this is my first sad piercing experience, Including the dydoe pair I have 7 genital piercings all together, so not as experienced as some around here but I feel that I have a bit more experience than the average pierced dude. Getting the piercings was painful, but not as much as my ampallang, I have a pretty pronounced crown so that was also not an issue. The negatives started with my right dydoe migrating, it was placed exactly the same as the left but once healed, settled into a completely different location, the second negative is just how sensitive the piercings are for me. I generally like my piercings to be pulled on and used pretty roughly causing a bit of pleasurable pain, but with these it goes straight to sharp pain very quickly, and just seem to be too sensitive overall even during normal vanilla sex/masturbation.

That all being said, don't let my experience dissuade you if you want to go forward, we are all completely different and our dicks all react differently, just see jacobsladder88's comment vs mine for proof of that.

Also I agree with jacobsladder88, talk to a pro.
Sorry for the long read.
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attackmanz Loving my newest piercings, finally healed and ready to get more!
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