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Post your healing and aftercare questions here.

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How much bleeding should I expect?

Postby knights_starMK » Tue May 09, 2017 7:32 pm

I just had both inner labia pierced this afternoon. Initially I had little to no bleeding. Now, hours later, I am bleeding quite a bit. I have tried to be careful how I sit, to keep myself pretty still, and to just pat gently after peeing. Any recommendations? Thanks all! u:?

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Postby Jwiggles » Tue May 09, 2017 8:01 pm

If you can, try to take a good look in a mirror and see if there looks like a tear or anything unusual with the piercing itself. I'm wondering if your piercing moved a bit or tore and this could be causing the bleeding. If it looks torn or the jewelry seems very close to the edge of your labia, you will want to have it looked at by your piercer as soon as you can.

Definitely pat it, no rubbing, and possibly do a warm sea salt soak (or two or three, lol).

I had no bleeding when my inner labia were pierced and only a tiny bit of spotting after walking about for a bit. My outers bled a bit more because they are thicker. I did have a friend who was also a Tribe member years ago who's piercing was not done correctly and she bled and bled and bled. She went to see her piercer right away and they removed it. The areas healed up and she was pierced again later on.
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