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Stretching PA fistula

Postby Boylover_xl » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:43 am

My PA is over 2 months old now, and perfectly healed. Pierced at 6G (4 mm), IĀ“m now thinking about stretching to 4G (5 mm).

The fistula had some tolerance right from the beginning (think my piercer used a 6G pin or thicker), which has become a little bigger during the healing time. Now IĀ“d like to avoid stretching with a pin, so IĀ“m trying to stretch the fistula by binding my PA up with a string around my belly (see pic), so that the weight of my c0ck and the traction of the string can do the job. I let it hang for an hour or more almost every day, but sometimes I cannot, as it starts hurting.

Anyone else has tried this before? Experiences? Suggestions?

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Postby PyroChris » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:54 am

PAs do a great job of stretching themselves. As new as yours is, I would not suggest trying to stretch it yet. I got mine done at 10 gauge, and the progression is as follows for myself, with no real effort to go larger:
04/03/2015: Pierced at 10 gauge
12/11/2015: Sized up to 6 gauge (252 days)
02/02/2016: Sized up to 4 gauge (54 days)
04/22/2016: Sized up to 2 gauge (80 days)

Months back, I started wondering if mine would accept a larger gauge. I had a non-jewelry bit of stainless steel stock which was a bit over 0 gauge (8.83mm), and it went in without any issues. So now I'm considering sizing up again myself.

If you want to speed the process, I'd suggest investing in some good quality tapers and lube. Go slow. Listen to your body, and don't force it.
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