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Today's piercing status

Postby Tombstone » Sun Oct 26, 2014 8:36 am

Three seamless segment rings in each ear (12g or 2 mm, 10g or 2.6mm, 8g or 3.25 mm)
Septum 2 gauge.
Pa at 0 gauge (8mm)
13 Hafadas forming a scrotal ladder 4 gauge or 5.20 mm.
1 Lorum, 12 gauge, allowed to in-grow and form a pearling type “accidental” implant.
2 Apadravya Piercings (non-transurethral), 6 gauge
2 Vertical Nipple Piercings, one in each, 0 gauge (8 mm).
Current Subtotals: 9 above the belt; 17 below the belt.

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Postby brizzle » Sat Nov 22, 2014 6:10 am

14ga lorum, 0ga PA and 4ga ear tunnel all fine and dandy today. u:Dance
Bristol, UK
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Postby azathotep » Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:38 pm

2 right eyebrow piercings 16ga
3 left Labrets 16ga
Right ear is a tragus 16ga and an 8ga lobe
left ear is an 8ga lobe and a 10ga lobe above that
Tongue pierced 12ga
Dermal in my throat/neck
both nipples at 14ga horizontal barbells
Navel 14ga

both hands have knuckle tattoos now, so tattoos x8 :)
total of 12 hours completed on torso tattoo piece that is also a cover-up.

Going to double pierce my tongue and then will decide of I want it split or not.

Still working out details of what genital piercing to start with. Wife doesn't want downtime, but she wants me to have any piercings I want... so it's tough to work out the details/ schedule.

Going to add 2 more dermals to my throat area to form a triangle.

Still going to do a septum I think, since they look good on just about anyone. Thinking of dual high nose piercings to go with that.

Also I want some more ear work done, like an industrial and some hoops up one ear lobe, but tragus is being a pain to heal.
Always planning new mods. Very curious about many new and less mainstream piercings. Only scheduling, cash and healing slows me down :)
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azathotep Taking a short healing break to get all piercings under control :)
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Postby Sinphonite » Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:44 pm

Got 4 frenums done, all looking good so far! I'm thinking I want 1 more, just to round it out to 6 below the belt. u:Dance
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Postby Smudgestar » Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:48 am

2 nipple piercings done, 12 ga
1 right eyebrow piercing, 16ga
And three 14ga in my lobes. Ordered a set of tapered stretchers, so my goal will be at a 0ga in both my first holes c:

I've also been heavily contemplating getting my VCH done, and plan to get another eyebrow and pubic piercing in the next year ^^
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Postby Trish » Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:01 am

Sinphonite wrote:Today, my cumulative experiences of the last 17 ear, nip, lip, erl, and prince albert piercings bring me to the next level.

After two weeks of heavy research, and amping up, I will be attempting my first self-piercings. Two frenums! I have a non-porous, easily cleansed and sanitized area all ready. Procured sterilized needles, forceps, and jewelry. Redied antibacterial ointment for lubricating the needles, gauze, alcohol pads, gloves, a torch for seeing blood vessels while lining up and marking. I can't forget a camera ready to record for my friends who wanted to accompany me for my previously planned frenum ladder piercing.

I was nervous all day, but as I draw closer and get everything ready, I'm just getting excited! u:DD

Edit: Two Frenums done! Not as bad as I thought! Though number two went through some much thicker skin and gave me a bit of trouble. Looking forward to doing the other three I want soon!

You might want to edit this, or a mod probably will for you. No talking of self piercing allowed
It's called STRETCHING your piercings, not gauging or up - gauging them.

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Postby jbers51 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:20 pm

Well, I had my jewelry switched and gaged up to a 6G about 2 weeks ago, and just now starting to feel pretty comfortable. Posed a pic here:
The 3/4" CBR I had seemed to be a little too small. It would pull when I was erect, and uncomfortable when I "used" it. I thought about taking it out, even tried, but was lucky the balls were a little tight, and couldn't get them off with wet hands in the shower.

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Postby Smudgestar » Sun Jan 11, 2015 7:59 pm

Just got my second eyebrow piercing c;
And have my first lobes stretched to 4g.
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Postby suburbsguy215 » Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:27 pm

Got my Apadravya stretched from 8ga to 6ga on Friday. I was very surprised that it hurt just as much (if not more) than the initial piercing.

Most of the glans swelling was done overnight and doing ok today. Can't get over how much more comfortable this size feels. I'm fine with 6ga. for life!
7/20/2012: 8ga. 3/4in. PA
2/20/2013: 8ga. 1in. Apadravya (converted the PA)
3/27/2015: 6ga. 1in. Apadravya
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suburbsguy215 Feeling fine with my bigger Appy! :-)
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Postby Nerodetos » Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:36 am

Prince albert 5mm
Frenum 1.6mm
Havada 2.0mm
Left nipple 2.0mm
Tongue 1.6mm
2x right earlobe
1x left earlobe
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Nerodetos Septum done! :P
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